City Centre

Jesus told his disciples to preach the gospel to all people. One man who wanted to follow him was told to go and tell others "what great things the Lord has done for you". Desiring to please our Lord and serve our city, we regularly hold outreach sessions in the centre of Norwich, joining with Christians from other local churches to do so.

We preach, give out leaflets, and speak to people one-to-one about God and the Christian message. Generally we do this on Gentlemans Walk near WH Smith, NR2 1NA. If you are able to, we would love you to stop and take an interest in the outreach, whether you are a Christian or not. For more information, contact Matthew Pickhaver.

Dates for May - July

Sessions usually begin at 12 and last about 3 hours.

Sat 6th May
Thurs 6th July (Starting at 2pm)
Sat 15th July (Starting at 11am)

The Open Air Mission

The Open Air Mission is a national organisation that sends out evangelists and also encourages churches to get more involved in evangelism. Our city centre outreach owes a lot to their encouragement and example, and we are pleased that they have welcomed Matthew Pickhaver as an associate evangelist.