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Along with gathering in person, we continue to make some use of the internet including our YouTube channel


Most of the hymns we sing are from the first 'Christian Hymns' hymnbook, which has been valued by many Christians for decades. Also, church elder Luther Chaplin has written a number of new hymns, which we are able to make use of. His hymns are shown below, and are free for any church to use. Most are written with traditional hymn tunes in mind but some have new tunes to accompany them.

Index of Hymns

The greatness of God

O LORD! Above the highest hill
Above the creation, we lift up our gaze

Jesus' Birth, Life, and Sufferings

For the world's transgressions
Not all men had love for Christ
Jesus was crucified

Prayer for Revival

Let all creation know

Confidence and Testimony

Let me tell of God's salvation
Today, are you fearing tomorrow?

Overcoming Satan

We stand, our God, as your redeemed

Christian Love

The love that we share
I hear a sound

O LORD! Above the highest hill

Suggested Tune: Repton (Dear Lord and Father of Mankind)

O LORD! Above the highest hill,
Unceasingly you reign;
Unfailing is your strength and skill;
Each act of history works your will
In one unbroken chain.

We only praise you more and more
When rightly we can trace
Your judging rod, your works of awe,
Your hand of love which we adore,
Your miracles of grace!

O LORD! You gave this world its birth;
You sent this world your Son;
And soon your praise will fill the earth,
As this last hour completes its path,
And justice will be done!

O Sovereign LORD! We bless your name!
Your truth will never fade!
Each human act, of good or shame,
Prepares the way, or forms the frame
For Christ to be displayed!

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Above the creation

Suggested Tune: Away in a Manger

Above the creation, we lift up our gaze
To One who is perfect in all of his ways.
How great is our need for the strength he must give.
Without him we perish, but in him we live.

So feeble and fragile we mortals are made!
How briefly we flourish! How quickly we fade!
Our lives are as nothing, our strength is so small,
But Jesus is near us, and greater than all!

To you, precious Saviour, we lift up our cry!
In love for the helpless you came down to die.
O come to us now Lord! O never depart!
From infinite power give strength to each heart.

Yes, feeble and fragile we mortals are made,
But we're not despairing! We can't be afraid:
From you is our safety; from you is our worth;
And you are our pathway to Heaven from earth.

When all the creation at last is restored-
When evil is silent as judgment is heard-
When death boasts no victory, and earth knows no pain-
Your people, Lord Jesus, for ever shall reign!

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For the World's Transgressions

Suggested Tune: In the Bleak Midwinter

To the realms of darkness,
To the world of strife,
Clothed in truest meekness,
Comes the Prince of life!
People of the nations-
Stop, and wonder how,
He who wrought creation
Dwells beside you now!

Will the town of promise
Worthy lodgings give?
Will the royal palace
Let the Infant live?
Will the far-flung nations
Join as one and sing?
In their celebrations,
Will they love the King?

We should bow, adoring.
Jesus knew us all.
Jesus knew the glaring
Scars of Adam's fall.
Think of this, you nations;
Did it pass you by?
For the world's transgressions
Jesus came to die!

I would bow in silence,
Calling on His name:
"From the world's cruel violence,
From my guilty shame,
From the lies of nations,
From my own great sin,
Jesus, give salvation!
Come and dwell within!"

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Not all men had love for Christ

Suggested Tune: St Bees

Not all men had love for Christ.
Then as now, some shook the fist,
Called him evil, mad, or ill!
Jesus, let us love you still.

Not all men believed our Lord.
Some could never feel assured,
Had he the deceiver's skill?
Jesus, let us trust you still.

Not all men obeyed his voice.
Some saw this too hard a choice,
Far too steep, the pilgrim's hill.
Jesus, let us follow still.

Most men did not bow in awe
When His lowly form they saw,
Yet His praise makes Heaven ring!
Jesus, let our hearts still sing.

Though the masses turn away,
Him we name, in this our day.
Jesus, we are yours, by grace!
Keep us, till we see your face!

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Jesus Was Crucified

Suggested Tunes: Ibstone or St Cecilia

Jesus was crucified.
Jesus, the Son of God!
Nailed to a cross of wood,
The rebel's death he died.

They gathered at the place,
To watch the sight of shame;
Adding to Jesu's pain,
Blaspheming in his face.

"Look at him now!" says one,
"Helpless, he meets his end!
Let God come and defend
His poor, deserted 'son'!"

Some do not speak with jeers,
But cannot bear the sight.
Even the midday light
Shrinks back and disappears.

What can the Saviour cry?
His soul calls out in prayer
To God, who strikes him there -
"But why, my God, O why?"

The sharpest sword was driven
Into the purest heart-
The hardest fight was fought-
That we might be forgiven.

Here is the price of sins!
Here is the gift of grace!
Life drains from Jesu's face,
And endless hope begins!

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Let All Creation Know

New Tune. (Score available, Contact me.)

We have heard, O God, that your reviving power
Is immense and sure.
In the darkest times your light has been displayed
So that thousands saw!
We have heard great things, and can we dare to hope
You will move once more?

We cry to you in Heaven
For this poor world below.
That you are the unchanging God
May all creation know!

On the highest throne, victorious in strength,
Is the King who died;
Now whoever calls upon his precious name
Will be justified;
But so many souls despise the plan of grace
And remain outside!

We cry to you in Heaven
For this poor world below.
That you can save, and you alone,
May all creation know!

We are sure of this: the day is drawing near
When they all will see,
For he will return, the mighty Son of Man,
In his majesty!
Then the light of God invincibly will shine
Through eternity!

Come soon, Oh Lord, from Heaven
To this, your world below.
Your long-awaited righteous reign
May all creation know!

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Let Me Tell

Suggested Tune: Abbot's Leigh

Let me tell of God's salvation;
Much there is for me to tell.
Once I sat in desolation,
Bound for nowhere, bound for hell!
Trying hard as my own master,
Dreaming of what might be mine,
God to me was an intruder;
I would not to Him resign.

Let me tell of God's salvation,
How my heart the Lord made new.
He has shown me my transgression,
Bringing Jesus to my view.
He has cleared my guilty conscience,
All because the Saviour died;
Loved me with immense abundance!
May his name be magnified!

Let me join with my companions-
Those whom God has given me;
All He's saved, my fellow Christians-
These are now my family.
Let me walk with them unsevered
Till the walk of faith is done.
Let us make it known together-
Full salvation in God's Son.

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Today, Are You Fearing Tomorrow

Suggested Tune: Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Today, are you fearing tomorrow?
Alone, are you harried with strife?
Does laughter and cheer hide a sorrow
That grows with the troubles of life?
Hush, and listen to Jesus!
Be sure that his promise is true!
And with Heaven's peace he will fill your soul,
As you wait to be carried right through.

The truth that will answer your worry
Is truth from the lips of your Lord,
Who never will let you be sorry
For taking him just at his word!
Hush, and listen to Jesus!
Be sure that his promise is true!
And with Heaven's peace he will fill your soul,
As you wait to be carried right through.

"The hairs of your head are watched over.
"The needs of your life are all known.
"Your Father, for certain, for ever,
"Will care and provide for his own."
Hush, and listen to Jesus!
Be sure that his promise is true!
And with Heaven's peace he will fill your soul,
As you wait to be carried right through.

Yes! He knows our hearts to perfection;
Our secrets he always can read.
With intimate care and affection
He speaks to us just as we need.
Speak once more, precious Jesus!
Assure us the promise is true!
And with blood-bought peace come and fill each soul,
As you hold us and carry us through.

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We Stand, Our God, as Your Redeemed

Suggested Tune: Rest

We stand, our God, as your redeemed,
As on your name we call.
But mighty is the enemy-
Our subtle foe, who longs to see
The best amongst us fall.

The saint with easy confidence,
So soon can come to grief.
And who indeed could keep from harm
Without your everlasting arms
Placed firmly underneath?

The lion's aim is to devour,
He roars that we might fear.
In search of souls he prowls around;
Oh keep us, Lord, from being found
Without our Shepherd near!

The serpent is a deadly guise
And this is Satan still.
He knows so well how to entice.
He clothes in sweetness every vice,
And good, he paints as ill.

How sad to see the harm he's wrought.
And still he wields his powers.
The snake! the lion! the angel, Yes!
The seeming voice of righteousness!
Can victory then be ours?

We stand, our God, as your redeemed,
While on your name we call.
And while the voice of Christ we hear,
No other voice is cause for fear -
Jesus has conquered all!

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The Love that we Share

Suggested Tune: Boston (How vast the treasure we posses)

God is our Father by spiritual birth;
We are his family here on the earth;
Precious indeed is the love that we share;
Flowing through us is His tender care.

How can we injure or loathe or despise
Those who are lovely in Jesus's eyes?
Those who are saved by the same precious blood,
Walking the same way home to our God!

Though we are feeble and painfully flawed,
We will forgive and unite in the Lord.
Though we are troubled, or close to despair,
Oh, what a help is mutual care!

Love will endure when this universe dies!
We will be one, when in glory we rise!
Lord, make us ready, together we pray;
Ready to love through eternal day!

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I Hear a Sound

Suggested Tune: Rachel (How sweet the name)

I hear a sound which hails the start
Of joyful unity;
It puts a kindness in my heart,
As God is kind to me.
I hear the sound of gospel grace
Calling me from above;
Now I must leave my foolish ways
And live my Saviourís love.

This is the grace that spells the end
Of every bitter word;
Coldness or malice to a friend
Should nevermore be heard.
All unforgiveness, wrath and strife
I must bring to the cross;
Sunk in the wounds of Christ, my Life,
There let it all be lost!

Father, youíve made me taste the start
Of perfect unity,
For you have purified my heart
And showered your love on me.
Help me to show it, God of grace!
Help me to live your word!
With all your saints, in all your ways,
O, make me like my Lord!

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